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Save money. Go Solar.

All we need is your roof. (Not your pocketbook.)

Now eco-friendly is wallet friendly

20-Year Warranty

Your entire solar power system is protected for the next 20 years.

$0 Down

Apple Solar customers pay significantly less to own a system than they pay the utility company to rent their power.

Lock-in Rates

While others continually pay more and more for electricity; your rate stays the same and is guaranteed.

Go Green

Reduce your homes carbon footprint and make a difference for the future.

Traditional Power

No matter what kind of energy source you use:
coal, natural gas or nuclear power, there are always three steps to powering your home:

  1. Generation
  2. Transmission
  3. Distribution

Each of these means additional costs that get passed on to you.

Solar Power

Streamline this process

Nothing complicated, just an easy, consolidated process of power flowing directly from your roof to you.

Taking out these extra steps allows us to provide your power for less. It’s a simply smarter energy solution.

1. Solar Panels


2. Solar Power Inverter


3. Wiring


4. Net Meter


5. Performance Meter


Go solar and save 10-30% on your energy rate

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Our Service Areas

We’re working with local utility companies and communities to bring affordable solar power everywhere. We may not operating in your area right now, but we might be soon.

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